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Several minor updates (for log4j 2.17.0 and v0.7.3 etc): • io.github.seancorfield/build-uber-log4j2-handler {:git/tag "v0.1.3" :git/sha "f172a86"} • io.github.seancorfield/build-clj {:git/tag "v0.6.4" :git/sha "c21cfde"} • clojure -Ttools install io.github.seancorfield/deps-new '{:git/tag "v0.4.7"}' :as new • clojure -Ttools install com.github.seancorfield/clj-new '{:git/tag "v1.2.381"}' :as clj-new • or as an alias: com.github.seancorfield/clj-new {:mvn/version "1.2.381"}

Lukas Domagala12:12:46 v0.3.0 with easier user interaction. just wrap your call in the run macro (o/run (your-call params)) and get a full trace!

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Alex Miller (Clojure team)19:12:40

Clojure CLI prerelease is now available on the Clojure tap • - Fixes race condition during parallel loading of S3TransporterFactory (another tweak) • - Fix for deadlock in version range resolution • Update to latest (which uses latest tools.deps) • Note: I do not have a reproducible case for either TDEPS-215 or TDEPS-207. I believe understand the causes and have fixed them but I do not have a way to verify these fixes so I'd ask anyone who's experienced either of these to try them and report back (or any other feedback) prior to release

Alex Miller (Clojure team)19:12:03 v0.7.4 ac442da is now available: • Updated to use latest tools.deps.alpha, which has the fixes above included in Clojure CLI


Man, you're keeping me busy with updating my tool chain and libraries! 🙂


@U04V70XH6 I guess your library can also be used with the newer right? So then it's only a matter of updating tools build itself?


@U04V15CAJ Yeah, you can add a direct dep on to work with a newer version than build-clj declares by default -- but I'm trying to keep build-clj current, as much as possible.


@U04V70XH6 I know someone has packaged clj-kondo for npm and has a scheduled task which updates that package automatically. Might be something to look into ;)


I'm allergic to Node 🙂


That wasn't the point ;)


You can execute scheduled tasks with Github Actions which is how he did it. Works for any build system


Yes, I have no doubt I could automate this 🙂


☝️:skin-tone-2: io.github.seancorfield/build-clj {:git/tag "v0.6.5" :git/sha "972031a"} and clojure -Ttools install io.github.seancorfield/deps-new '{:git/tag "v0.4.8"}' :as new are available with the updated dependency!