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🧵 Day 24 Solutions Thread: post your solution here


Decompiled code by hand and run brute force, takes 10 mins each part


@U076FM90B you’re a real hacker!

norman23:12:52 Not an automated solution, but it's the code I used at the repl to figure it out

Antonio Bibiano19:12:43

I just wrote some code to run the monad program

Antonio Bibiano19:12:00

to check my calculations but the meat of the problem I solved by hand 🙂

Antonio Bibiano20:12:51

Went ahead and wrote a program anyway because it felt good :D


I solved it by hand and then based on this created a macro to generate search code


I'm not getting part1 tonight. I made good progress reverse engineering the code and have, I think, part of my solution. But I'm going to have to come at it fresh tomorrow. sigh... Good luck to anyone still going...