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Ben Sless09:12:18 release v0.0.8 with new features! more.async is a library containing some bits I often found I miss when programming with core.async, especially around pipelines and dealing with time. • declarative data language for building data flow systems • circuit breaker and rate limiter pipes • Other less exiting bits and bobs

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vemv14:12:36 - 2.0.0 - security checker nvd-clojure checks your dependency tree and reports known-vulnerable dependencies such as specific log4j and logback versions. In 2.0.0, we're removing old APIs that commonly lead to inaccurate usage. Correct usage is now best summarized in its updated README and includes @seancorfield's excellent addition of a clojure -Ttools tool. Misc other improvements reflected in the

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fwiw #web-security

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seancorfield21:12:51 v2.2.840 -- Turn Clojure data structures into SQL • Fix #375 for :nest statement. • Fix #374 by removing aliasing of :is / :is-not -- this changes the behavior of [:is-not :col true/false] to be correct and include NULL values. Using :is / :is-not with values that are not Boolean and not nil will produce invalid SQL. • Update test dependencies. • Update build-clj to v0.6.5. Follow-up in #honeysql -- regarding #374 please see for more details

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