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I'm trying to consume some transit sent by a Yada server by an aleph http client. Is there some tools in yada I can use to read the transit data while keeping everything async?


I tried using yada.request-body/parse-stream, but I can't get it to work. 😕


Oh wait it does work, but only once.


@frozenlock I thinking reading from a stream is like reading from a core async buffer: it has side effects


Should I expect any breaking changes when upgrading from yada 1.2.2 to 1.2.9 except for the arity of the response function?


The arity has not changed. The only thing is that you must use a single arity as usual and no other arities are supported

Igor Garcia17:09:56

hello, has anyone come across this message? File name too long, compiling:(yada/schema.clj:84:3)
Exception in thread "main" File name too long, compiling:(yada/schema.clj:84:3)
I was just running lein uberjar and got this. But it works fine with lein run


@igorgarcia is this on the most recent yada?


I'm guessing you're using Ubuntu with encfs?

Igor Garcia18:09:17

[yada "1.2.0"]

Igor Garcia18:09:40

let me try upgrading it


The issue on edge is more detailed

Igor Garcia18:09:36

upgrading to 1.2.9 solved the problem. Thanks @dominicm

Igor Garcia18:09:24

I always run lein ancient, dunno why I didn't do it this time. Just caught bidi was also outdated.