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wrt topics for upcoming meetings, I'd be willing (happy actually) to offer talks on any of the following: Implementing Storm Topologies with Clojure; Achieving "Live" interactive development with Clojure, Emacs and CIDER; Having fun with Clojure and Genetic Algorithms. I haven't written talks for any of these, they're just topics I'd be happy to develop talks for.


Are there any topics the group would like to have presented?


I could potentially present on Clara Rules.


As to presentations I’d like to see, I would like something hands-on with re-frame. I haven’t done any UI or ClojureScript work myself, but would like to learn. The first step might be the tooling, which I hear is pretty awesome.


Oh, re-frame is a good one, I've toyed with it after doing a small app in Om, +1 on re-frame!