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Al Baker22:09:46

@michaeldrogalis in metamorphic, can you create multiple runtimes - e.g. a runtime for each of several core.async channels you might have?


The runtime is almost functionally pure. There’s an atom that’s a bit tricky to get rid of. Possible though.


So someday you’ll be able to fork the runtime if you wanted to and take it in two different directions.


But, yeah. The runtime isn’t a singleton, so create as many rt’s as you’d like.

Al Baker22:09:09

and as for core.async, or really any other async integration - event history is up to you to feed metamorphic?


Yeah. All it knows is rt/process-event. Feed it however you’d like.

Al Baker22:09:05

ok cool, going to give it a whirl

Al Baker22:09:12

nice work, it looks great 🙂


Awesome, let us know how you go. Thanks!