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The next release of Lacinia will include the option of parsing GraphQL IDL into Lacinia's EDN format. This will be nice when, for example, sharing a single schema across different platforms.


(The PR for this was just merged to master).


@hlship how will attaching resolvers work with this?


The parse-schema function accepts an option map for attaching resolvers, documentation, scalar xforms, and (for subscriptions) streamers.


So the behavioral things are done in code.


Hi, lacinia is really great stuff. I have a quick question, i’ve built a quick ring/compojure app using that leaderboard-api demo as a guide. Got things working just sending queries via Swagger,but now trying to get GraphiQL working. Not sure how I should serve (what endpoint does it expect, etc) the schema down to graphiql


@eoliphant GraphIQL will feed off a standard graphql endpoint


oh, ok. I just got this going so I’m probably missing something. Like only the POST is working at the moment. Will make sure the GET is as well


@eoliphant POST is the only required endpoint. lacinia-pedestal has a GET route to serve the GraphiQL interface, but that’s not required. For example, I am on OS X and use


You can install that app ( Then you will be able to specify the endpoint URL, which should be your POST route


Or, alternatively, you can take lacinia-pedestal’s approach of serving GraphiQL directly on a GET route, but I found it less convenient