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@malcolmsparks: i’m currently working on it but some of the things stump me as to their purpose. the first being :encoding in the media-type map. the next being :cookie & :header in the parameter map so far


I'm going to be away from this channel for 10 days of much needed downtime. Please excuse my absense and I know the regulars are great at helping out here while I'm gone.


@severed-infinity: the best reference right now is the source, particularly yada.schema


Please do feel free to raise issues on github. Work is continuing on yada, current status is I'm properly implementing rfc 7232 which will squash a few bugs


also one other thing just from testing out some things, particularly :charset I notice you can use a few different ways i’ve defining things and seen in the underlying code that {:alias “US_ASCII" :quality 1.0} exists but is not a valid format, just from a consistency point of view i think this could be powerful and clear. Yea I am currently using the edge project, yada testing, and yada scheme to break it all down


I think a good reference chapter in the docs would help greatly.


yea it was initially what I was looking for and the resources chapter got me half way there with the general layout of a resource map


Generally speaking :produces and :consumes takes a vector of maps. But that can be verbose so there are shorthands which get expanded.


Security additions recently have expanded the resource schema. It's pretty huge and needs documenting


yea I was looking to use the access-controls section with possibly buddy for a college project but the limited documentation lead me to create the resource map complete reference, or at least I hope it will be 🙂


That would be great to share.


Yada uses buddy a lot


Edgw will get some security examples soon, but basic, form cookie/session and OAuth2 work well. We use OAuth2 on


That’s the plan, looking to try and complete it over the weekend: so far i’ve covered :id, :produces, :response, & :parameters and currently breaking down :methods


ah that will be great (for me ha), I was particularly interested in the OAuth security for login validation and registration of users


loved Bidi so much over other existing solutions, used it in conjuction with pulsar and its modified http-kit compatibility library for async and multithread requests inputs and outputs


for an old version of my project and now looking to update it with the use of Yada


@severed-infinity: wow, sounds like an interesting project! On the docs front, I'd be more than happy to review your doc.


There are a heap of examples under dev/src in the yada repo itself. Especially on security. Also, the tests has a ton too


ah I’ve been looking at main repo, more to cover then just a question about :parameters :header I notice it accepts a schema type of any but the some examples I see it use a map of say {“accept-charset” “en”} is this to say it uses the following and the preferred use of this would be to define on a per parameter bases the expected returned header, in this case a map of string (header names) and string (valid/accept content)