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I am using use-package and using the :bind option to bind C-c C-o to another function. For some reason it’s not over riding the keybinding defined in the cider package. The function I’m trying to bind the key to:

(defun cider-repl-clear-output-and-buffer ()
  (cider-repl-clear-output t))


here is how the cider package is initialized:

(use-package cider :ensure t
  :bind (("C-c C-o" . cider-repl-clear-output-and-buffer))
  :init (progn
          (setq nrepl-hide-special-buffers nil
                cider-repl-pop-to-buffer-on-connect nil)))


@ordnungswidrig: I wrote a small task for boot yesterday and I am using it myself


Still alpha beta gamma software but it cuts down the startup time by 50+ % here


Then of course there is the time it takes for loading the first namespace you load


But at least it feels faster


The normal Clojure repl , starting in user, is instantaneous


But again then you need to load the namespace(s) you want to work in


At the moment, my Cider REPL attempts to match {'s with }, but doesn't behave specially with any other delimiter. The "half paredit" functionality is mostly just getting in my way since I don't have access to all the paredit commands. Is there a way to turn that off, or enable full paredit support in the REPL? The latter is more ideal.


When I type {(abc the REPL does this which is not very useful: (`|` is my cursor)

> |
> {|}
> {(abc|}
At this point I cannot hit [RET] and continue my expression, it will just send to the REPL and get RuntimeException Unmatched delimiter


Also, if I type { then backspace, I get this:

> |
> {|}
> |}


Unfortunately the solution isn't as simple as M-x paredit-mode, since if I do something weird like (println "(") the REPL output will interfere with future input.