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@malcolmsparks: I don't mind the breaking change. Indeed better to do this before 1.0. It'll be some rework, but it's quite straightforward


@malcolmsparks: go for it, I don’t mind at all


hey @malcolmsparks is there a short summary anywhere of likely breaking changes since -9 ? i'm currently wondering when would be a good time to update - i'm going to want your async multipart handling at some point... but i'm very time constrained atm


@mccraigmccraig: I know how you feel, re. being time-constrained, I'm full-time on client site right now. Sorry I didn't get back to your earlier request, things were in flux. The area of breaking changes is in the resource definitions - anywhere you use any of the methods or properties protocols, you'll have to move to the new map syntax. ResourceCoercion stays, but it now produces a CustomResource record (just a map). How many resources have you created with -9? If it's less than a dozen or so I think you're looking at a couple of hours work max to upgrade


I'll give full migration details in the docs when I release -10, which is still about a month away.


-10 is going to be a really significant release, however, and there'll be a lot of nice improvements and new features - it will be worth the wait I assure you!


i think i've got about 30 or so resources simple_smile ... i don't think i'm using the protocols anywhere though, so i guess i'll be alright