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I read the first lines of Using-Stateful-JS-Components and I am already looks again like a masterpiece in the history of GitHub documentaton 😄


@piotrek as @escherize has point out, you absolutely don't have to provide the path. You just subscribe to the user via the user-id. The subscription handler knows the path to the users. The views are shielded from that knowledge.


right, @mikethompson I believe @piotrek meant that he needed the path to update the user's info. And yeah, the view is totally ignorant of the shape of the data


oh, sorry, sounds like I got the wrong idea then.


@richiardiandrea: hey, thanks. very nice to get positive feedback. It can be hard to know how far to mix attempted humour with technical docs. Fine line.


Yep but I have found that you are perfectly on the line, IMHO of course


engaging but technical


I always wondered what the best way to use 3rd party js components. Now I have a better way to do that. Thank you.


BTW yes, me too, we integrated jq-console in and that's were the mess came from


especially with highlightjs nothing was working because I was probably not doing something in the right life-cycle method


I had to implement select2 and it was a pain to get it's event api to work right with re-frame. Now I feel like re-doing the whole thing.


If you do, can you create a Gist and put a link to it at the bottom of that Wiki page for others pls ?

Pablo Fernandez10:12:26

@mikethompson: I was hopping to work on Prerenderer yesterday, during my Clojure Pair Programming event, but we ended up working on Free-from, a form generator for Re-frame and Reagent. We added Bootstrap support. Woohoo!

Pablo Fernandez10:12:58

I’m hopping to get to Prerenderer today or tomorrow. @mikethompson do you have a deadline for releasing? Is the API set in stone after releasing? I don’t want to hold you back.

Pablo Fernandez10:12:32

BTW, I explained all of reagent and re-frame to the guy I worked with in probably less than an hour and he got it and he was happy and impressed by it.


API not set in stone - your library (Prerenderer ) is the only client for the new API at this time 😉


We have released v0.6.0, pushed to clojars, etc -- just to make it easy to go forward.


In summary, you are absolutely not holding us back


So, don't give it another thought


looks like re-frame has some global state at the core (the event queue, the key->fn handler functions atom, undo/redo-list, id->fn event handlers atom, global app-db). Are there any plans of making that user-controlled? I’m imagining having a (make-re-frame-state) or whatever that returns a map w/ all of the (currently global) state, and then you could (dispatch state [:event]) etc. Of course, we could still have the default be to use the global stuff, but I’d value the control


@danielcompton: interesting, thanks