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Hi I've question, Will Yada support some more web servers ?


@voytech: it might be possible - it's based around manifold, which interops with core.async channels as well as it's own Deferred values, so it may be feasible to adapt it to another web-server (like http-kit) which does a similar thing to aleph, but with core.async channels instead of Deferreds. @malcolmsparks will have a more authoritative answer


Hi @voytech - @mccraigmccraig is right, it should be possible to support other web-servers. However, I want to get all the planned functionality completed using aleph, including chunked responses (i.e. transfer encodings) so that this functionality isn't made impossible by the need to support it in other web servers


The aim is to get everything working optimally with aleph, and then write adapters to other web servers (http-kit, Jetty, Immutant, etc.)