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@tom: the first place I'd look is your ec2 security groups

Kira Sotnikov09:09:36

bhagany: localhost should works anyway

Kira Sotnikov09:09:13

Today I have weird issue, my app was running but health-check was unhealthy


@tom: localhost may not work if your app is only listening on a single network interface, e.g. eth0 or if your app is running in a container. investigate which processes are listening on which ports with "sudo lsof -i"


@lowl4tency: you're right, of course


Funny thing is how redirects (say, from http to https) are considered an unhealthy app by the ELB health check.

Kira Sotnikov11:09:40

First, I checked port is listened, second try to connect via telnet. third take a look on log-file

Kira Sotnikov11:09:58

jaen: it's not funny, it's hurt


Well, yeah, "funny"

Kira Sotnikov11:09:47

I've got ELB and S3 bucket with maintenance page, when ELB is not available I've got ssl error instead the page 😞


I had to to special it so that ELB's user agent doesn't get the redirect


Well, that's sad