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Anyone using Cursive here? I'm running into a strange issue where the REPL fails to load some of the properties. The project I'm running it on has been generated using a template, so some props have been there from the start - it's just those that I've added by hand that fail to load. The file has been saved, and this problem manifests itself only in Cursive - lein repls from terminal load the props just fine.


Problem solved. In case anyone experiences a similar brainfart, check the 'Working dir' field in 'Run/Debug Configurations' and make sure it points to the correct directory. If you have multiple projects in one 'workspace' (like I did), e.g. by starting Idea with one project then adding others as modules, working dir will apparently default to the path of the initial project.


I’m getting back into the swing of emacs again, and I’m using the keymaps from BraveClojure, and I’m trying to figure out how how to use the quick binding for toggling comments on lines.


I’ve got a (global-set-key (kbd “C-;”) ‘toggle-comment-on-line) but I can figure out what to press for that.


jteneycke: Control key + semicolon


jcsims: Mucho gracias!


jteneycke: for sure 😉