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@redbeardymcgee: I've been switching to helm from ido over the last week, and I find much of it maddeningly inconsistent. So, yes. I gave up on actions from helm find file. On the other hand, helm-projectile is a great experience. The one hurdle there is to understand that only after you have visited a file from a project is the project available


My advice on helm is to just select a couple of axes. For me that is: helm-swoop for visiting matches in buffers, helm-projectile for viewing matches in a project especially with helm-projectile-ag, and helm-locate for exploring the file space outside of individual projects. To that you can add a couple of specialty searches like helm-apropos for emacs functions and helm-regexp for building complex regular expressions


albcorp: yeah thanks, my main issue was a bug in helm or helm-projectile somewhere causing that issue. it was fixed upstream back in perhaps june, but wasn't pushed to melpa stable yet. I suppose there were more breaking changes, according to some of the issues I read bbatsov was mentioning "sweeping changes and no tests"


I went to the melpa version just to get it all working and it's been pretty neat so far. I might look into some other bits of helm in the near future but for now i gotta muddle around with some nrepl stuff. thanks @albcorp


@redbeardymcgee: I am a newbie but I found @bbatsov’s prelude project was a much much smoother experience than trying to tie together projectile and helm by hand


I'm very hesitant to mess with a starter kit


i built my way thru linux from the ground up, so to speak, with arch


sure it has dependency management and binary packages but that minutiae wasn't interesting to me when i got started


then plowed thru vim for about 3-4 years


now emacs for a few months, but i've not had nearly as much spare time to tinker so it's been a little messy


projectile works pretty well with ido as well


@redbeardymcgee: (big fan of arch - love it) For me though I didn’t need to tinker at all with prelude. It is a decisive topic, but if you just want to get stuff done and then learn how to get stuff done, prelude is a great starting place. I would say it’s Clojure integration is great but I see you are having issues in #C0617A8PQ 😞. Would be interested if you can replicate with prelude?