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I think there's some other sort of perf regression in 1.13.. the first query on something is taking consistently around 20-24 seconds, up from 500ms or so before. Note that this particular path is pretty idiosyncratic: I make ￱~￱50-100 open-q queries (using eql/project -- actually same behavior without it) in a loop then go through them lazily. I think it's just the initial part that's slow, fetching more data from the open-q iterators seems to be the same perf


Hmm, it sounds like this could be tough to debug without a profiler / flamegraph, and I'm not aware of any significant change to how open-q initializes. Do you see the same join order as before coming out of the crux.query DEBUG logging?


not sure, I'd have to spend some time upgrading my instrumentation to check but I don't think join order is the issue as it is literally the first query, i.e. start app, wait however long, query takes 20s, wait 24h, query takes 300ms. I also tried sending more requests while the ￱~￱20s query is taking place and they also took about the same duration. I know the JVM has to warm up and all but something must be off for such a big difference to now appear. I'm personally relegating this to "back of mind" urgency but I'll let you know if I take a deeper look

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Also of note is that I can only see this in my prod-like environment, only difference should be jdbc tx/doc stores instead of in-memory/rocks. rocks for indexes on both