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Vincent Cantin05:12:17

The stats are funny … so many people trying to find a way to get a problem for part2


Last year I was one of them

Vincent Cantin05:12:30

I was also wondering … because it is my first year, I wanted to know how to do everything and not miss something.

Vincent Cantin05:12:30

oh … wait … it is probably people who did not finish all the previous puzzles.

Vincent Cantin06:12:13

“… day 20, you again” :rolling_on_the_floor_laughing:


heheh, in my case I'm missing all up to 15. I'll do them at a more leisurely pace

Alexandre Grison06:12:11

Yes you need 49 stars so that they give you the 50th for free

Alexandre Grison06:12:28

but there are people who don't know they need to click

Alexandre Grison06:12:51

Took me 7 seconds to click but I was faster than 29 other peoples. Going from rank 206 to 177 :face_with_cowboy_hat:

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> Yes you need 49 stars so that they give you the 50th for free Yes, last year I didn’t have all of them. So I just couldn’t click it.


OK, I just finished bingeing on 1-15, to see the true ending. disclaimer: I'd seen Lambda Island's AoC 2020 videos and I had seen the Chinese Remainder Theorem spoiler


Thank you! 🙂 Merry Christmas :mother_christmas:


was a joy to learn from your solutions


and to be part of this community

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Marry Christmas 🦌 It was fun journey

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Alexandre Grison09:12:52

are the solutions archived somewhere ? I'd like to read some of them in a month or so, since I didn't solved the challenges with Clojure this year

Vincent Cantin10:12:04

they won't be there in a month, I am afraid.


Thanks to everyone for their code solutions and feedback. It was a wonderful learning experience and see you all next year!


I haven't finished yet, but it was fun solving all the problems, and great seeing how other people did things. I learned a lot, thank you!

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and as usual "never again" opieop

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@a.grison piggybacking on clojureverse's logs: all 5 years of logs in a single offline html page with filtering

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