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Am I missing something about the Slack interface? Is there any way to know whether a sidebar thread from way up above gets replied to?

Andrew Byala18:12:09

If you wrote the thread, commented on it, or select "Follow message" using the triple dots beside the original message, it should show up on the left-hand-side of the Slack interface by lighting up the Threads item.


If you mean "Threads" in the sidebar, that only shows threads you are participating in. There's no easy way to see replies to threads you are not part of, aside from scrolling back and clicking into them. Many channels are archived to the Clojurians Zulip Chat and thread replies just appear as regular posts in Zulip, which is generally how I look at replies to older threads (although, of course, there's no threading in Zulip!). If you have questions about Slack in general, there's #slack-help and about this Slack in particular there's #community-development


e.g., this channel is archived to and this thread is currently shown as the most recent activity in that topic.


@U01HHBJ56J1 Thanks for that tip. I will now have a 2nd browser tab open to have that Slack tab open. Pretty insane for fairly new posts to be so buried by the UI though. 😕


@U04V70XH6 Thanks. I signed up for Zulip, and I might start posting there instead since it might make a bit more sense. Still, though, after loading a lot of history in the beginners channel there I don't see any of the conversations I'm involved in. I don't see how it's possible for them to all be missing.


@UH5SE3NM9 Are you perhaps looking at the beginners stream in Zulip, rather than the beginners topic within the slack-archive stream?


@U04V70XH6 I see I've clicked on #beginners nested under STREAMS, but I don't see much else to click on. All I see is a few options at top-left followed by a list of a bunch of 'streams'.


@UH5SE3NM9 Did you click the link I posted?


@U04V70XH6 Yes, I just don't understand how to get there from the main Zulip clojurians screen.


@UH5SE3NM9 Zulip is organized in "streams" (like Slack's "channels") and then the discussion in each stream is organized into "topics" (sort of like Slack's "threads", except every new conversation is a separate topic with its own title). If you can see that much in Zulip's UI then you just need to find the slack-archive stream and when you view that stream you will see a separate topic for each of Slack's channels (at least the ones that are being mirrored into Zulip). The beginners stream is a separate stream from slack-archive (which contains a beginners topic -- which is the archive of Slack's #beginners channel). The slack-archive stream is the only stream in Zulip that is directly organized that way because it is populated via a bot here in Slack. Everything else in Zulip is organized according to people starting specific conversations (topics) in the various streams.


@U04V70XH6 Thanks. I don't see how to get to the slack-archive stream. It does not appear in the short list at at the left, and if I search for it in the search bar at the top I get no results.


@UH5SE3NM9 See the gear after the word "STREAMS" in the left side bar? Click that. You'll get a popup showing the streams you are subscribed to and All Streams -- click on that and you'll see a list of streams. Either scroll down or start typing slack. Select slack-archive and click Subscribe (in the right hand panel). Then you might want to Mute that channel to avoid notifications (but still have it in your left side bar).


I don't know what streams new users are auto-subscribed to. I signed up ages ago and went and found a whole bunch of streams to subscribe to 🙂


I tried to follow what you said (click on gear to right of 'streams' etc), but whether I search for 'slack-archives' or 'slack' it just asks me if I want to CREATE a stream by that name.


No idea what to suggest. I'd have to see your screen to understand why you're not seeing what everyone else sees... 😐


Looks like it's gone midnight for you right now? It's 8:42 pm for me. If you can ping me during your afternoon, I'd be happy to jump on Zoom with you and you could screen share and we could figure it out?


Feel free to DM me tomorrow afternoon (for you, or any afternoon) and we'll sort that out...


Just saw these 3 messages of yours (I have the 'Threads' Slack tab open in a separate browser tab from the one I have 'beginners' open in, and I have over 200 browser tabs open). Appreciate the offer. Hopefully will get back to this soon. Would have to figure out how to DM. Failing that, would post here. Or actually I could just paste a screenshot or text.


• My Zulip left bar text: STREAMS • •


Oh...actually I just figured it out. Or rather, it just started working. Earlier it was not bringing up any search results for some reason. Now it is.

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