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Drew Verlee22:08:59

I'm able to compile and watch the workspaces page via shadow cljs. But sample card i defined isn't showing up. I'm not sure why. Do i need to point anything at the namespace or root component/element? Here is what it looks like. shadow-cljs build

                       :ns-regexp  "-(test|cards)$"
                       :output-dir "workspaces/public/workspaces/js"
                       :asset-path "workspaces/js"
                       :preloads   [] ; optional, list namespaces to be pre loaded
                       :devtools   {:http-root       "workspaces/public"
                                    :http-port       8881
                                    :reload-strategy :full}
:workspaces {:extra-deps  {nubank/workspaces {:mvn/version "1.1.1"}}
                        :extra-paths ["workspaces/main/src"]}
namespace on the path:
(defn element [name props & children]
  (apply js/React.createElement name (clj->js props) children))

(ws/defcard hello-card
    (element "div" {} "Hello World")))

Drew Verlee22:08:58

hmm. the docs imply it will auto detect the for the cards.

Drew Verlee22:08:28

maybe i need to name the build cards?