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Hello! Does anyone using datomic analytics with presto + metabase have a working solution group by time based attributes? Pretty much an answer for this question


Hello! Does dev-local support transaction functions ? The documentation that I’ve managed to find is not clear if they are or not I’m trying to install a function via :db/fn , but it fails with ” Unable to resolve entity: :db/fn”..

Jakub Holý (HolyJak)06:08:04

I believe most of works locally using dev-local but the exercises with tx fns require that you actually deploy to Ions so I guess the answer is no. But I might have got some things wrong...


i think u can use tx fns, but u don't have to transact them, just simply have them on the classpath. u might need to have a datomic/ion-config.edn with an :allow declaration to enable the use of your function in transactions: but not sure if that's necessary, when using dev-local.

Joe Lane19:08:13

@U0522TWDA No need to deploy ions to get transaction functions, you can use them with dev-local.

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