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Humdum, got this idea that maybe I could use sci with a Cypress cljs preprocessor

viesti17:08:04 has this concept of a "preprocessor", that takes a file and turns it into JS that can be run in the browser that Cypress runner is controlling. I've been hacking away with using shadow-cljs for that, but shadow feels a bit heavy-weight, something smaller could fit for a test script


trying to now understand how sci could fit into the cljs -> js preprocessor flow


inspiration for this thought was


maybe there could be a "preprocessor", which would take the cljs file as input, then outputs a JS file, with the cljs source embedded, which when run by cypress in the browser that it controls, would evaluate the cljs source via sci


would have to take into account how to a test script could load libraries though


I think in the JS land, this happens now via browserify/webpack, so libs get "embedded" into the test script


so hmm, handling require might be interesting, might not be as dynamic at least