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Hi! I put out 0.2.0 of cypress-clojurescript-preprocessor, with initial support for running a cljs repl inside the Cypress test runner via shadow-cljs: Might be that there's still some rough edges, but at least it is out there for hacking now 🙂 Also, finally found a way to properly kill child processes of the preprocessor 🧟

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Vincent Cantin23:08:07

@U06QSF3BK The git tag 0.2.0 is missing


Oops, fixed, thanks for noticing! 🙂


What has been you experience using a repl in cypress? We're kinda doing the same for one of our projects, and the now API proved to be a nightmare to work with - lots of things that don't work as expected or break with cypress version bumps...


These are the same concerns that I had in mind also, and good to know that there is someone with actual knowledge to back this up :) I have to confess that I haven't yet used the "now" command in a real project, my interest was mainly to pursue what is possible and see where it takes me :)


Yes, I had more success with not using now at all and using (-> cy .-queue .run) to "force" the running of the queue (needs newest cypress version)


But even then, it's quite strange... I was thinking about re-creating the facilities of Cypress over Etaoin, for example, so REPL-Driven browser driving could be a first-class thing

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yeah, having good repl for browser testing would be like holy grail :) Cypress has good stuff but annoying this lack of repl, but was positively surprised that someone used the term "repl" in Cypress github issue even :)