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anyone has a hint on how to highlight matching brackets? I want it to highlight the one matching bracket of the bracket I have my cursor on, no rainbow, only some kind of highlight like bolden the matching bracket.

Leaf Garland09:03:33

Vim has the matchparen plugin included by default. You should already have matching parentheses highlighted. Maybe your color scheme does not set the MatchParen highlight? See :help matchparen for details.

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TIL: :help standard-plugin-list


I have a project deployed on Heroku but using deps.edn so it requires an almost empty project.clj file (from lein). I'm now getting this error every time I go into the project:

[coc.nvim] Classpath lookup failed when running `lein with-profile +test,+dev classpath`. Some fe
atures may not work properly. Error:                                                             
(Side note: I don't know how to see that full error message from the statusline. :messages just repeats that truncated error message at the bottom) I'm not sure why coc.nvim is trying to run that lein command or how to fix that.


All that is in that project.clj is :

{:min-lein-version "2.9.8"}


Maybe try set verbose=10 (or some lower value) to see more of the message. :CocInfo could be helpful too.


Will do. Of course now it's not doing it anymore even though it did it every time for the last few days. lol story of my debugging life

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The tools probably presume the file in format: (defproject project-name "version" :min-lein-version "...")


Just bare edn map isn't really a valid project.clj file

Leaf Garland20:03:28

clojure-lsp is making that call to find your classpath. The class path scanning was part of a recent release which is probably why you are seeing it now. It can be disabled


You should be able to override the default project-specs to some command that can return a classpath for the project.


Ok. How do I change this example code given to look at both deps.edn and shadow-cljs.edn (while ignoring the project.clj)?

{:project-specs [{:project-path "deps.edn"
                  :classpath-cmd ["clojure" "-A:my-custom-alias" "-Spath"]}]}
Do I change the input to project-path to a vector? What alias am I using?


or use a whole new map in that :project-specs vector with the shadow-cljs.edn info?


Actually I just fleshed out the project.clj as suggested above and since the docs say it just uses the classpaths it finds from all sources I think that should solve it, right?


I've used an empty project.clj file to tell Heroku it's a Clojure project. Although I haven't tested that with nvim or CoC yet


Yeah I think it was because of the recent change to clojure-lsp that now scans all available classpaths mentioned by Leaf Garland above. I don't think I see the error anymore since creating a minimally correct project.clj but I haven't tried to deploy to heroku recently either.

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