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Hi, it is common for my workflow to send deep data structures to reveal in bursts, and scroll up and down the output panel to locate interesting patterns to view:table in the Results Panel. Though once the results panel is open, it takes disproportional more space than the output panel, and hinders my experience considerably, since it can't be closed or resized and I have to work with an narrowed down output panel view. I think I only care to work with one reveal window. I can use always-on-top stickers with Shift+Enter as an alternative where to send the results at, but they are too obstructive since I have to switch back and forth other applications all the time, and they are getting on the way. I understand the result panel is not resizable by design as per this thread, though this would have made my experience much smoother. Any other thoughts how to work around this? The other option I could think of is a new feature to have the pop up result window be a regular window rather than a sticker (say with a new key modifier alt+enter), so at least is not obstructing my desktop when switching apps, and perhaps dedicate it as the main target for any subsequent results. Thanks


To open data in a new, resizable window, pass it to Reveal like this: (r/inspect data :always-on-top false)


The issue is not with the original window that I send the data and displayed in the output panel, but with viewing/navigating the data in the results panel below. Here is an example of the two panels taken from the documentation, the results panel can't be resized or closed


Maybe you can try something like this?

(require '[vlaaad.reveal :as r])

(let [ui (r/ui :title "The Aside")]
  (r/defaction ::put-aside [x] 
    ^:vlaaad.reveal.ui/ignore-action-result #(ui x)))


that will open another window that you can submit values to from anywhere in the reveal using "put-aside" action


can you describe a bit more this pattern of submitting data in bursts and then looking for patterns?


Sure; say I have a script that sends a burst of ten seq maps of various length into the output panel. So the output panel has ten seqmaps, which i want to scroll up and down until I find something of interest for my work


Say I want now to view:table the third of this seqmap; I right click at the opening square bracket, choose view:table. The results panel opens up, occupying more than half of the vertical space of the window, and displays the seqmap as a table


Now I would like to go back to the output panel and browse some more; my structures that I sent earlier to the output panel are large, and I effectively only have less than half the space to view them. I go find another seqmap iin the output panel and then right click, view:table, it goes to results panel. I might drill some more in the results panel, but eventually I go back ot the output panel, scroll some more, and repeat.


My problem is with the results panel occupying more than half the window when I want to back to the output panel and scroll to find my next seqmap to view


I think given that I am working in one window, I would have liked the option to resize the results panel, so that when I go back to the output panel and scroll, I have a much wider viewport to do so; my seqmap I sent to the output panel are large and having a small viewport ot scroll hinders my workflow. Does this perhaps explains it a little better?


Perhaps as an alternative (if not complementary) to how I think of an improvement is to have a close button for the results panel, so at least if I want to go back to the results panel and scroll back and forth, I could get the full window length back for the output panel with a click of a button


but you can press Escape to close the results panel?


ah ok, I didn't realize that is the case. If I have multiple results sent to the results pane (say 3), pressing ESC will close the the last one,r esults pane wills till be open but remaining results will be 2 in history (not sure what the right terminology is here)


so If I press ESC once more, result pane is still open, but there is only one result in history, pressing ESC once more will close the result pane


I've tried pressing ESC once before, but the results pane didn't close, I must have had multiple results already in there. I didn't realise that was the case that will eventually close it


As per doc: In results panel: • Use Ctrl ← and Ctrl → to switch tabs in results panel; • Use Ctrl ↑ to open result panel’s tab tree that provides a hierarchical overview of all tabs in this panel, where Backspace can be used to close views; • Use Esc to close the tab


So I guess the last bullet point can be improved to say something if there is only one tab when pressing Esc, the results pane will close


Anyhow, this will do for my use case, thanks!

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