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Anyone here using telescope and conjure? I'd like to run conjure with the hud enabled, but if I have a telescope window open and a conjure evaluation finishes, the telescope window disappears. I currently use conjure with the hud disabled, purely because of this.


I can reproduce this bug. Workaround: open the Conjure log in a window (`<LocalLeader>lv`) to avoid the HUD


Thanks, that's what I'm doing indeed (or <localleader>ls for a horizontal split) :thumbsup:


@U38J3881W Maybe the hud could have an optional timeout? So if an expression takes more than that timeout it won't make the hud pop up. You can then still see the result with <localleader>ls / <localleader>lv


Hmm thinking about it, the main way I encounter this issue is when figwheel puts something in the log that I didn't trigger myself. Not sure if a timeout would help for that scenario.


I've hit this too! I class it as a UX design issue and something I would like to address over the next couple of months. Issue tracking this with ideas feel free to add more!

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Thanks! I added a comment to the issue 🙂


I've added a feature to develop that hopefully addresses this well. See the issue for details!

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Works brilliantly!


Now it may even make sense to add a binding to manually pop up the HUD, lol


I think I'd still lean on <prefix>lv and <prefix>lq to open and close the log instead of the HUD but I see what you mean! I think I'd still like to treat it strictly as a notification window for now :thinking_face: there's also <prefix>lg which is log toggle, although you need to open it once first for that to work (I should change it to have a default!)


Same here, also using lv and lq 😄


:ConjureEval "--- manually triggered the HUD ---" also does the trick @U38J3881W 😁