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I’m sure that this will be in the Docs but I started looking for the HTMX - which incidentally is a great idea in the UI and didn’t really see it — I assume that it will just be represented as hiccup and maybe there wasn’t much to notice. Also I noticed Rum - is that still needed?

Jacob O'Bryant21:03:40

For HTMX -- it gets included at, and then it's used in You can search for :hx- to see the usages. Rum is still needed. It does both client-side rendering (i.e. React wrapper) and server-side rendering (like Hiccup, but a little bit nicer). Since we don't need it for client-side rendering anymore, we exclude the react dependency (

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I’m trying to put this all together and saw this: .Accord Project is looking at adding decorators to Concerto - it’s schema representation language - so for example an item could have a text or text-area attribute — in my mind this correlates with the REST idea of affordances HATEOAS etc-- Not sure where this all leads but as long as it leads away from javascript that is good

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