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I think @bozhidar is right, cljs/js tooling (or maybe just better practices/workflows) are needed… For instance we have a duct project which needs to hook into cljc/cljs asset-pipeline etc… I just bodged it together with leiningen but our front end guy hates the workflow, so we could use something better… I have a feeling that with lumo etc, a lot of the tools exist, or almost exist… but figuring out how to patch them together is a big job (plus I don’t really know clojurescript/node, or the have the time to do it)


I took another look at unrepl on cljsjs/lumo, I wrote some notes


My current plan is to write a minimal cljs repl that can be upgraded, and use accept to test it. Once that done the second step is to harass @anmonteiro to get something similar in the default socket repl (or even repl).


@cgrand fwiw eval is sync in lumo


@anmonteiro I know but it doesn’t change the fact that you can’t block by not returning (else you block other connections).