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@sova yes, of course. (rum/with-key (comp)) for custom components, or just add :key to hiccup elements


I am currently new at Rum and also beginner on Clojure & Cljs. Is there a way to add routing inside Rum. I am using secretary now but I have problem how to use it. I googled and just found tutorials adding secretary on om and reagent but not about Rum Is there any suggestion about where do I have to start learn routing in Rum? Thank you very much

Roman Liutikov11:12:33

have a look at bidi (url matching) & pushy (html5 history)


Thank you 🙂


@U0FR82FU1 Excuse me, do you know how to use # in bidi? I am so confused

Roman Liutikov14:12:44

do you mean hash-based navigation?

Roman Liutikov14:12:28

i don’t know any libraries to work with hash navigation, it’s a couple lines of code tbh, I always write it myself

Roman Liutikov14:12:59

use start! function for example in Rum mixin to set current route identifier into component’s local state and then render appropriate view for that route


Thank you, I read it first 🙂