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I’m getting the Tried to use insecure HTTP repository without TLS. error from, I think, a dependency of a dependency. Is it possible to have lein actually say which repo is insecure?


putting it in debug mode isn’t much help either.


ah its something in immutant

Alex Miller (Clojure team)05:12:27

or downgrading lein or configuring the url instead

Alex Miller (Clojure team)05:12:26

I think the problem is that the newest version of lein uses the CDN clojars repo, which requires SSL stuff that is not supported in older jdks


Hey @danielcompton, @alexmiller thanks for the feedback on my leiningen issue. Turns out it was some bizarre OSX edge case… On to a totally different set of problems… 🙂


I noticed last night that both hooks, and middleware are deprecated as of leiningen 2.8.0… If you need to do those kind of things are there any suggestions on how to proceed?


In particular I’m looking at replacing the project.clj :dependencies for all leiningen tasks.


hello all, is there any way to only generate uberjar standalone?


the regular jar is used as an input to the uberjar


I mean, I guess you could ask it to delete it?