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Is there a way to run a tool without installing it first? In CI environments, itโ€™d be nice to be able to just specify a tool (and optionally a version) and use it without having to install it first. Prompted by, I had a similar issue


Yes. I use an aliases with -T execution option to run all the tools I use. The alias allows me to specify the version and any default options via :exec-opts when running the tool It also means I don't have to specify install the tool before using it For example, I use clojure -T:search/outdated alias to find libraries with newer versions, excluding some commercial libraries

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@danielcompton Pretty much all tools can be run via git deps and specifying the fully-qualified name of the functions that are entry points for the tools.

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I thought I had an example for deps-new but it's not in the README so I think I only posted it in #calva -- just a sec...