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Where to find developers with less living costs (thus cheaper). I guess Asian countries like India/Pakistan do not have much clojure(script) developers. Any thoughts?

Martin Půda08:05:58

Is this a general question or do you have a job offer? How much is "cheaper"? Are you looking for juniors, mids, seniors? Is your job remote, are you willing to hire students/ graduates, people with no industry experience?

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From what I personally know you wont get a 100% satisfying answer for this one. Clojure programmers have one of the highest average salary distributions. Many hire remote and international, team sizes seem to be smaller, contributors more experienced. Really just a wild guess but optimising for a price tag might be the wrong approach. Take it with a grain of salt though, I have really no idea. But the question in of itself seems culturally "off" to me, having absorbed some of the discussions here.


As usual, the trilemma applies: "Good, Fast, Cheap, pick any two" :) In India, you will be lucky to land a Good + Fast engineer (of any kind, not just Clojurists) for under USD 50K/year salary + benefits. I'm thinking roughly 5+ years experience. In general, if one has reason to use any sort of niche technology, it is better to hire good people and run a kickass onboarding and professional development program.

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Serafeim Papastefanos13:05:55

I think it's 300 usd/ month is insulting, no matter where you live. The average salary for your country doesn't matter when you are a software engineer because you can work remotely and get proper salary.

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I think people shouldn't offer less than how much they would ask for the same job. But I guess that's just me and I am weird about this.

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Shall we park this thread? I think we are skirting the boundaries of the Code of Conduct now

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@U03E8B3CCTV One thing I like about the Clojurians slack is that people avoid getting political and combative in general. Not that it isn't important, but it's nice to have a place where we can just nerd away about Clojure and related things. My remark at the start of the thread was not in that spirit and I very much regret that I have sneaked in my political/personal views with it. With that in mind I'm going to mute the thread as I don't think I have much to offer to the discussion anyways.

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The OP has deleted their original question and all subsequent posts in this thread. If anyone else feels like deleting their responses, please feel free. /admin

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