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there, but for the grace of <insert deity here> go I

Jimmy Miller18:05:05

When running -X:deps mvn-pom is there a way to specify a version it should use? I tried a :version key on my deps.edn and that didn't seem to be picked up.

Alex Miller (Clojure team)19:05:41

not right now - you'll need to set it in the pom.xml either before (if syncing) or after (if gen'ing)


@jimmy What are you using to build your JAR file? If you’re using depstar, it has an option to update version in the pom.xml file.


(it can also generate a pom file, synchronize the deps, and update group ID and artifact ID)

Jimmy Miller19:05:53

I am using depstar. Just got that working. Thanks 🙂