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Ronny Li14:05:57

Maybe a future meetup could be about generative testing? I haven't been convinced about its benefits yet but maybe there's something critical I'm missing


It’s can be REALLY helpful when writing code that deals with various input and where failure is catastrophic.


If you’re writing some UI component for a photo sharing app, probably not a huge benefit. If you’re writing some part of database -> hugely beneficial. Chances are it will come up with failure case that one could never have imagined. As with everything, there’s a cost to it. As your code/requirements change, it takes time and effort to keep the test valid and relevant. As in, it might start throwing errors that are not relevant or faulty on their own if you haven’t specified the test correctly.

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I’m interested in a generative testing talk too. We really need generative testing, but we haven’t implemented it yet because we’re not sure the best way to go about it.


We use generative testing a bit at work but not as much as I’d like so I’d love to hear from folks doing more of it in the real world.