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Is there a clj/clojure CLI equivalent to lein deps :tree?


The closest is clj -Stree but it doesn't show conflicts, just the resolved dependencies. Folks have asked for this a few times. You may be able to get more information with -Sverbose -Sforce.


Thanks. Nice to know for sure that this feature doesn't exist (yet). And -Sverbose -Sforce doesn't illuminate the conflict.


I'm not at my computer right now but there is a way to get tools.deps to tell you what versions it finds and what it selects -- which is close.


Or more generally: how can I diagnose a dependency conflict in a deps.edn project? I searched in various places (web, FAQ, deps & CLI guide and reference) but didn't see an answer. Seems like the kind of relatively undocumented thing that might go in a FAQ entry, which I'm willing to write if there's a good answer.


And by the way, is there a canonical adjective to use for projects that manage dependencies with deps.edn? I'm looking for something parallel to 'A Leiningen project' and 'A Boot project'. A 'tools.dep' project? A 'deps.edn' project? A 'clojure deps' project?

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I've been calling them 'A clj project' to parallel the use of the tool to run them but there's nothing official as far as I know.


That's better than circumlocution, and maybe not too ambiguous. simple_smile Thanks.


I would say not tools.deps, but either deps.edn or Clojure tools project

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Is there a way to run clj and just have it pull down dependencies listed in deps.edn? Not start a repl or run anything, just download the dependencies.