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hey @bozhidar is it the case that clojure-mode treats any symbol in first place in a list which starts with with- as if it were a macro with a [x & rest] signature?


Yeah, I recall we do this. Probably it’s configurable, but I don’t have time to check this now.


It’s a similar logic to what we have for def*.


I haven't looked, but I've noticed a couple of times functions which start with- getting indented that way


for example

(tf/with-zone formatter
  (if (string? timezone)
    (t/time-zone-for-id timezone)

eccentric J16:10:27

How do I fix my JS indentation in spacemacs?


it seems to be aligned with the R.compose


although the alignment of the lines before are so bizarre that who knows what should result


the ) flush with the gutter is foreign to me

eccentric J16:10:35

Even after changing that part it’s still behaving unexpectedly

eccentric J16:10:10

Even after getting rid of the map & compose statement it’s still indenting incorrectly


Can you try running format the region? I think you're seeing issues where locally they are lined up but globally they are not

eccentric J17:10:50

Appears to want to ignore comments but align to the declaration


that is the normal style i think?

eccentric J17:10:34

I guess it must be

eccentric J17:10:28

Ok, I’ll just change the .eslintrc and adapt to it but is there any way to get comments to match the indent?


need to find out what mode you are in and ask the package maintainers. reasonably good chance there's a defcustom for it if you want to read the source

eccentric J17:10:19

js2-mode. Looking through the source now for related settings 🙂

Lyn Headley18:10:57

Anybody using lispy? How do I insert an empty vector []?

Lyn Headley18:10:54

so far the best I have found is C-q [ C-q ]

eccentric J18:10:55

(define-key evil-insert-state-map (kbd "TAB") 'indent-relative)
  (define-key evil-insert-state-map (kbd "RET") (lambda () (interactive) (newline) (indent-relative)))

eccentric J18:10:06

It’s not pretty but I found a way to achieve what I wanted

eccentric J19:10:08

Yes. Both settings are set to 2