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Alex Miller (Clojure team)14:05:01

Now available: - tools.deps.alpha 0.5.435 - clj - Support for Maven deps in authenticated repositories (TDEPS-9 - thanks Dominic Monroe!) - In local jar dependencies like {:local/root “path/to.jar”}, if the jar has an embedded pom, it will be used to traverse and include transitive deps - Use exec for final Java invocation in scripts (TDEPS-76 - thanks Mikhail Gusarov!) - Convey lib map via Java system property - a first step towards add-lib and other future functionality For Maven deps in authenticated repositories, existing Maven infrastructure is used to convey credentials via the ~/.m2/settings.xml:

Then in your deps.edn include a repo with a name matching the <id>:
 {authenticated/dep {:mvn/version "1.2.3"}}
 {"my-auth-repo" {:url ""}}}

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Are these release-notes/change-logs recorded anywhere? I see new homebrew versions every now and then and wonder what the changes are.


In other words, release notes of the whole thing CLI utility, not just individual libs?


I wish brew packages came with a change log of some sort built-in. Or brew info would show the latest changes. Mostly I don’t care, but sometimes it’s interesting.