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Hello @pez and @pedrorgirardi! I hope you guys are doing fine and having a great weekend. I just added a feature to Calva, please check it out and tell me what you think. 🙂


@andres.rodriguezhn: Many thanks for helping out! I’m having a look.


Looks good and things still work. 😃. I pulled it in. Again, thanks! FYI we are probably going to continue/restart the porting to ClojureScript in a separate branch and mainly do bug fixes on the current hybrid Javascript/Clojurescript version, but this change makes sense to add anyway, since it broadens the application of Calva (and will rebase cleanly onto the “rewrite” branch).


Cool! On what OS did you try it?


Thanks for accepting this feature, I'm a college student and this is my first pull request for an open source project! 🙂


Mac. But from the look of things the defaults make things that used to work, keep working w/o the users having to change anything, regardless of OS.


Nice, that's what I was aiming for haha.


Cool that Calva got your first PR ever! 😃