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Hey gang, had a bit of an npm and boot question … I’m using degree9/boot-npm to retrieve NPM packages to node_modules in a boot cache directory during my boot build, including bootstrap SCSS. I’d like to reference bootstrap SCSS includes as @import 'bootstrap/…' in my own SCSS, which I’m compiling with deraen/boot-sass, but they are not found as resources in the classpath by the @import statement. What’s the best way to add node_modules to the classpath during a Boot build so they get picked up the way I want?


@attentive so I recomment also using the node-modules task within boot-npm

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Thanks for your reply … I’ve had a look at node-modules and it looks promising, will have time to check it out later today.


Yeah thanks, that turned out to be easy. I was trying to set boot-npm up totally against the grain I think


but I am around to fix any issues with boot-npm


node_modules should be included to the fileset as a resource


which version of the task are you running?