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thank you, @alexmiller! this is rad!


is there a simple way to specify a particular version of tools.deps.alpha itself (eg. to use last night’s release before it shows up on brew, or to point to a particular commit)?

Alex Miller (Clojure team)12:05:36

No, but I just did a release last night and there is a pending brew pr which should get merged today


time to bump packages

Alex Miller (Clojure team)12:05:53

New tools.deps should be available


ah, brew has a nice way of pulling a PR. brew pull 27778 && brew upgrade clojure


I’ve made some changes to the lein-tools-deps README… Any thoughts on how to improve it would be appreciated:


I did consider not making it… as you’re probably a lein user if you’re reading it… But I figured new users might have been advised to use just one of the build tools; and be seeing this page, so thought it worth mentioning there are other choices too


or are you not a fan of boot? And would prefer everyone chose leiningen? 🙂


The opposite 😉 I'm the boot advocate at JUXT.


then is my comment fair?


I think it is, other than perhaps: > Leiningen projects are harder to turn into unique snowflakes, which might be better or worse for you. For me the "snowflake" term has gained a disparaging connotation. But I understand what you're getting at, and I think it's mostly fair. We had issues with lein because it couldn't build sass & cljs at the same time, which made it a pain for users jacking in, but maybe we're in snowflake territory there?


Yeah it is a slightly disparaging term; but I think it’s fair here - if you have a boot project it will often be pretty different to the next boot project; right? More so than with lein projects. I take your point that building sass/cljs simultaneously shouldn’t be such a unique a thing; but currently I think it is 😞 And yes if you want to do that boot is your best option; unless you want to build a lein plugin that essentially copies two other plugins entirely to compose them together on two futures 😞