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Hi, I am trying to implement support of postgresql composite types with and PGJDBC-NG driver ( I am following default example from psql guide and I am trying to use SQLData from the jdbc

(deftype item-dto []
    (getSQLTypeName [this] "item")
    (readSQL [this stream type-name]
      {:name (.readString stream)
       :supplier_id (.readInt stream)
       :price (.readBigDecimal stream)})
    (writeSQL [this stream]))
but, it seems not working for, item-dto is not being recognised maybe someone has experience with it? what i am doing wrong?

Alister Lee10:08:30

In next.jdbc, is there a way to do this? (jdbc/execute! conn ["select 1 in ?" [1 2 3]]) meaning (jdbc/execute! conn ["select 1 in (1,2,3)"]) Thanks!