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@nbtheduke I've been using a new Cryogen project with Clojure CLI tools just fine, using version "" I'll try upgrading clojure and see if I get an issue.


Using Clojure CLI tools versoin works with the existing cryogen project and when I created a new project with clj-new and the cryogen template. I did get sudo: unable to resolve host sidious: Name or service not known when I installed the specific 933 version of Clojure cli tools, but otherwise everthing worked okay I do have most of the cryogen libraries cached locally, so it could be a maven issue. However, I would have expected cryogen not to run at all in that case.


I've also upgraded to Clojure cli tools 943 and the cryogen projects run fine. I think the resolve host issue is just because I renamed my machine in my case.

Noah Bogart12:08:01

Super weird then! Maybe it's an issue with a setting I have locally. I use Firefox but I don’t think there should be any issues from that

Jakub Holý (HolyJak)13:08:12

You are not trying to go to https://localhost:3000 instead of http or something?