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Does anybody have a list of concepts which solve the composition problem, e.g. mixins, function composition, inheritance, etc. Bonus points if there's other concepts grouped by their purpose too.


^ that's very clear, I like it.


So far in my learning I have completed small puzzles and one-off practice functions. Feels like the idea is just to define the result, like cell functions in Excel (may or may not be a good analogy). Trying to "think functionally". But then I was thinking about if I wanted to write something that interacts with this very procedural application we have at my job. So many things are meant to happen in order. So many things are dependent on what happened in the previous steps. Is it possible to properly interact with this in Clojure or would I end up just having to write procedural Clojure (if possible)? Could just be too early in my understanding of the big picture, or I am overcomplicating in my head.

Bobbi Towers19:08:49

This thread reminded me of a project where I'm animating the classic sorting algorithms: Since by nature it needs to not just do the job but perform just a single step of it, I needed to think more statefully. It currently uses atoms as pointers/registers, but I wonder if state machines would be a better fit? I hadn't thought of that.


Amazing qualifying from formula 1 at spa today


gutted for norris but so happy for russell!

Alex Miller (Clojure team)15:08:11

gah, no spoilers! I recorded it!

Alex Miller (Clojure team)15:08:58

I guess it's only quals so I can't fault you too much


ah man, i usually use a thread for things like that. didn't know you were a fan alex.


Now waiting for the formula clojure championships where coders have to implement their own driver logic ...


Not just staying on track but planning pit stops, tire mixture and tire saving patterns etc


Incredible! I can't believe what those guys can do in the wet.


My team project at uni was doing instant replay generation for whatever the Formula 1 game was at the time. We had the data for the race, a number of data points for each car (time, where it was on track etc) and we had to generate the post race instant replay for it. e.g. figure out what was cars crashing, figure out overtakes etc to make the most exciting replay. It was an interesting project!


Vettel just seems like such a great guy .