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Morning. Today me and my kids tried to fry a frozen egg for breakfast. It was part of a two tier experiment about: 1. What happens if you put en egg in the freezer? My youngest son thought it would crack as the content expanded. 2. Does a frozen egg loose taste-wise when thawed? The second part of the experiment we will have to redo, because today we thawed the egg in the frying pan. Which made the whole process taint the experiment. But it tasted OK, so think we still got an answer.


Hi European clojurists, I’ve updated the and I wonder what are your main concerns or questions regarding Clojure and Security? also in relation to the latest is an open source Identity and Access Management solution. I try for the documentation to clearly separate the (reference, how-to, tutorial, explanation). My goal with is to ease its usage and integration in Clojure application and to raise their out-of-the-box security level. I expect the libraries integration to be one of the first concerns, so I’ll try to release a proper sample demonstrating the ring integration soon.

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