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@lady3janepl Thanks for your detailed explaination. I know how to read the stacktrace message, and can figure it a little now. That's really great. And I know I should try to search code example on GitHub before ask question. That might help me sometimes. Nice! @seancorfield Thanks, yes, the book's version is indeed deprecated. Your given out document is very helpful. I'm so happy here (clojurians) are so nice!!!


@stardiviner I'm happy to answer any questions (since I maintain it!) and I'm happy to try to update the docs as needed to make them easier to follow -- so, suggestions welcome!


Aha, I see, I will check out in future. And thank you for maintaining it. I always thanks programmer who maintain open source projects. That's great.


It's unfortunate that there's a lot of tutorials -- and books -- out there that use earlier versions of java.jdbc. Some even use contrib.sql which was the Clojure 1.2 version! 🙂


Indeed. myself deprecated some small Emacs packages. Until someone notice me through GitHub Issues or Email, then I realized they are out of date, usually I will update them. But sometimes I might "ARCHIVE" the repo to declare it unmaintained status.


That's a new GitHub feature... I wish I'd had access to that years ago!


I have several repos that I've posted "sunset" notices on and I would have loved to have archived them!


🙂 Yes. you're right. No better way to solve this deprecated libraries issue I think.