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Two questions: 1) song as old as rhyme, story old as time, some dude running on-prem in AWS wants to know when the tooling for migrating his existing db to Cloud will shiiiiiip 😆 2) I don’t see anything about it in the documentation, but once we are running Cloud/Ions in production I would definitely be interested to buy some reserved instances and use those instead of paying on-demand pricing for the underlying compute. Is that something that is possible today but not featured in the docs? On the roadmap? Not possible because of how the Marketplace works?


Hi Chris! Re: 2 We’re pretty sure that reserved instances should just work, but we’re confirming with the AWS marketplace team. re: 1 I’ve brought this up to the team and I’ll update you when I have more info. I know we’re keen to look at this.


Re: 2. We’ve confirmed with amazon docs that it should work. >“AWS Marketplace products work with other AWS features such as VPC and can be run on Reserved and Spot instances, in addition to normal On Demand Instances”


What am I misunderstanding here? This works: q:

[:find ?id :in $ ?txt % :where (or [db-search $ ?txt ?id])]
[{:db/alias "sql/db"} "test" [[[db-search ?db ?txt ?id] [(fulltext ?db :song/name ?txt) [[?id]]]]]]
Rewriting q as:
[:find ?id :in $1 ?txt % :where (or [db-search $1 ?txt ?id])]
java.lang.Exception: processing rule: (q__922 ?id), message: processing clause: [email protected], message: processing rule: [arule__737 ?txt ?id], message: processing clause: (db-search ?c__738 ?txt ?id), message: processing rule: [db-search ?db ?txt ?id], message: processing clause: {:argvars (?txt ?db), :fn #object[datomic.extensions$eval897$fn__898 0x3432ee74 "[email protected]"], :clause [(fulltext ?db :song/name ?txt) [[?id]]], :binds [?id], :bind-type :rel, :needs-source false}, message: java.lang.NullPointerException
However this works:
[:find ?id :in $1 ?txt % :where [db-search $1 ?txt ?id]]
Now I want the or as I’m trying to query multiple databases and want to use the results together. I’m just trying to build it up in steps as that’s the way I’ve found to do this with minimal issues. Thanks =)…