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Thanks guys, I fixed this problem. Because my book example code deprecated. So many problems. I got answer in #sql


So, what do I need to do or precondition, in order to connect a repl to a running program?


I spent 30 minutes on that famous repl vimeo, which didn't provide many clues 30 minutes in.


> Covering this topic extensively would take us too far for the scope of this guide On first look, really very disappointing, compared to the hand-wavy sweeping statements of perfection at Architect's hubris?! or is it really simple beyond that awkward piece of documentation?


Any great example workflow attaching to a running program?


@U1YTUBH53 I'm not quite sure what you're looking for? If your application starts a REPL server (either an explicit nREPL server process started by your application, or a Socket Server REPL started by Clojure via the JVM options), then you can connect to it and work via the REPL...


The Guide is hinting at things like Component and Integrant for structuring your application in a way that makes it easy to start and stop your application within the REPL -- that's not the scenario you're asking about (connecting to a running program).


(and, yes, it lists those and other libraries at the end)


Happy to help if I can better understand your question...


Thanks @U04V70XH6 I just saw this now! I should probably learn what’s the Socket Server REPL feature


Thanks in advance!

Maksim Gatilin11:06:40

Is anyone here? I'm trying to use vscode for development but I can't configure repl...


This question might be better asked in #vscode

Maksim Gatilin14:06:35

Thank you. Btw, I decided to use Cursive:slightly_smiling_face:


hmm.. I've never used that. I use VSCode for most all stuff... at least if I don't really need an IDE. I'll have to check that out... Although I also am running Clojure in a docker container right now.. so since I don't have the toolchain installed locally, not sure how much it would be of assistance.


Hi, if I try to slurp from a URL that moved the repl "hangs" for a long time. How do I interrupt that without killing the repl?


hi there, is it a problem to have a namespace called myproject.core in a file with the path myproject/src/cljs/myproject/core.cljs? I am having problems with my luminus project based on leiningen.


@magra isn't ctrl+c enough?


@funyako.funyao156 in a clj repl it kills the repl, in cider it does nothing, in lein repl it works. Maybe my setup is broken.


@a.maksadbek may I recommend to you Atom with proto-repl, instead?


how do I add a hashmap to a vector? so I can get [{:foo "bar"}]?


vector is an atom.


used (swap! hashmapthingie into {:foo "bar"}) but got [[:foo "bar"]].


when I expected [{:foo "bar"]].


instead of into


side question... a vector of hash-maps is familiar because it's like json... but am I better off with something else in clojure?


depends on the use case having vector with hash-maps is totally valid


I've got working, but I'm trying to figure out how I could send a message from the repl connected buffer to the webpage, as opposed to from the webpage input.. any thoughts?


I want to be able to type a form into the buffer, evaluate it, and see the webpage change.


it would seem to be a key part of dashboards, say, that update when things change on the server.


all I can think is that I somehow defonce the WebServer so I can send messages to it in the buffer, but I'm not sure what to do after that or how I'd interact with it.