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I 'published' a blog post on Specter which I would love feedback on. It says March, but actually (for various reasons) it was only published today. It's aimed for beginner/intermediates like me, so the examples might be too obvious for professional developers:


@slgeorge cool, I recommend posting to #news-and-articles


@slgeorge Great introduction!


@nathanmarz: Thanks yes I'll post it. Will wait to see if there's any feedback. Hopefully no horrendous mistakes and fingers crossed covered the major use-cases for common usage.


@johsgrd: appreciated, spend ages trying to get my understanding right =-)


Q: I use Specter everywhere. The one area where I hit limitations has been runtime paths i.e. storing paths in a db and using them at runtime. Basically this isn’t possible without adding a data/dsl on top of each navigator. Has anyone else tried this or seen any clever solutions for this?