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Hi I just started using clerk and it's real snappy and fun to use! Do you have contribution guidelines somewhere - adding a would be good perhaps? A feature I'd like to see is a "pin-scrollbar-to-bottom" option 🙂


hey, good to hear you enjoy it! No contribution guidelines yet, I’ll take a look at what’s out there in the next days. Would you like this option for working on the last cell specifically? Since we’re retaining the scroll position when an error is displayed but that’s not enough in your case? Do you have an example of a doc & changes where that would be good to have?


What I mean is when you're adding things to the end of your file, I'd like the browser to behave as a REPL buffer - make sure the last result is visible. Something like this is what happens on my browser now, I'm at the bottom of the screen here: