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Has anyone installed spacemacs as part of a docker image for doing development within a container? If so, does anyone know of a tutorial/walk through that talks about the steps required to set this up? In addition to the initial construction of the docker image, something specific I am curious about is the possibility of retaining customizations made by individual developers, possibly by storing this on a separate volume. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


I would imagine that it would be easier to have developers run Emacs on the host machine + connect to a running REPL within the container. :thinking_face:


That is not a bad idea. In this case, at my current company, we are trying to build a docker image for developers to ease onboarding. Instead of having to install all the necessary dependencies, we could just have them just install what was necessary to run the container and (hopefully) everything they need could be self-contained within the container.


But we can play around with exposing the REPL from the container and see if that might be an option.


Thanks for the suggestions!