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Cool. Yeah, there is a lot to learn. Distributed ledger via Peer-to-Peer makes sense in cutting out the bank. But the block chain has more mysteries: signing blocks [e.g. solving the puzzle = making the bow for the package], transaction fees to [hopefully] get a transaction included in a block, and the 12-min desired average time ... if i'm not making that up from memory...


I just got the book "Programming Bitcoin" that I'm going to start working through. It uses python, but this person started working through it in clojure:


I have a vague high level understanding of how it works but I think really implementing it from scratch is needed to gain a full intuition


I don't dig into smart contract programming, but if you guys are interested in clojure-based trading of crypto (and stocks) you might want to check out my twitch channel. I'm also here on #codingandcoffee


Smart contract programming as a concept is super interesting, I just don't have a use case for it personally right now